Organic Skin Care

Mainstream cosmetic and beauty companies won’t like
what I’m about to tell you.

The FDA website (US) is filled with numerous complaints from
women experiencing all sorts of allergic reactions and other health
concerns while using synthetic beauty products.

Complaint after complaint of skin and eye irritation, rashes, headaches,
vomiting, joint pain and more.  The list goes on and on.

Synthetic beauty products are the cause.  It’s well documented that the
ingredients in these products are linked to cancer, organ damage, birth
defects, hormone disruption, allergies and much more.

Once I discovered this information I made the decision to immediately
throw out ALL of my synthetic products, including skin care, personal care
and make-up!

I replaced them with 100% pure, all natural and organic products.

I was thrilled with the immediate results in my skin, hair and nails.
No more red spots or dry, flaky patches of skin, or watery and itchy eyes.

My skin looked nourished, clear, and super healthy after applying
organic skin care products.  It was nothing short of amazing.

Organic skin care will always out perform mainstream synthetic
products because of the ingredients they contain.

Organic Skin Care Ingredients:

Soothe skin
Purify skin
Heal skin
Stimulate skin
Hydrate skin
Protect skin
Regenerate and rejuvenate skin
Enhance circulation

Plus, they contain anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle
and anti-aging ingredients.

Quality organic skin care has high standards of purity and potency.  I’m
not talking about the fakes or cheaters claiming to be organic but aren’t.

Pure, certified organic skin care is full of vitamins, enzymes, essential
oils, flowers and herbs…

Ingredients proven to nurture, nourish, and heal your skin.

Not man-made, synthetic chemicals developed in LABORATORIES.

Chemicals proven to cause cancer and organ damage and birth defects.

How the heck can those chemicals HELP your skin?

How can they “reverse” the signs of aging?

They CAN’T.  They dry out your skin, irritate your skin, block your
pores, prevent your skin from breathing and eliminating waste, inhibit
circulation, disrupt hormones and put a huge burden on your immune

STOP poisoning your skin.

If you haven’t already, make the switch today to pure, potent organic
skin care products.

Organic skin care products will ALWAYS out perform synthetic skin
care because of the ingredients.

Period.  End of story.

Here’s a quick recipe you can use for an everyday body scrub that’s
affordable and doesn’t require you to go out and buy any special products:

Oatmeal-Sugar Body Scrub

8 tablespoons organic oatmeal, uncooked
1 cup organic brown sugar
1/4 cup organic extra-virgin olive oil
10 drops of your favorite organic essential oil (optional)

Note:  You can substitute the olive oil for a nice base oil if you
have one on hand, like organic almond oil.  It’s one of my
favorite base oils for body scrubs.  You can also substitute
brown sugar for white sugar).

Grind oatmeal in a blender (finely ground but not into a
powder).  Mix sugar and oatmeal together, then add oil
and stir.  If adding essential oil, whisk in a few drops at a
time.  Apply scrub in shower while skin is moist, rubbing
gently avoiding the face, breasts and back of hands.

This recipe works well (if used routinely) for removing
bumps on the side and back of arms.  Store in container
with tight lid.  Shelf life is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Best Wishes, in beauty and health





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Beauty is a quality that emerges from health, wellness, attitude and grace. Beautiful skin is nurtured and nourished. I've discovered the rejuvenating powers of natural and organic ingredients on our skin, and want to share this information to inspire, educate and assist women everywhere in achieving beauty without compromise.

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