Be Organically Beautiful Recommendations

Throughout my search for healthy skin care, personal care and cosmetic products that deliver results, I’ve tried dozens and dozens of brands.  Some were total losers, some were just okay, and then there were the ‘winners’.

For those of you who are searching for products that are both healthy and effective but don’t have the time, money or desire to experiment on your own, I’ve put together my top picks that really deliver results.

TruKid Natural Body Care For Children

TruKid all natural body care products for kids is my favorite pick when it comes to choosing the best personal care products available for children.  Whether it’s a bath time product or sun screen I’m looking for, I choose TruKid for my grandchildren.

Back in 2009 I came across a press release where I learned that cancer and health risk experts concluded that mainstream personal hygiene products posed a higher cancer risk than smoking.  I also learned that there was a class action lawsuit filed against a well-known company for using a carcinogen called “1,4-Dioxane” in their baby products.

This led me on a search for safe and effective children’s products and I discovered TruKid.  I settled on this company because it ranked among the highest on the cosmetics data base website (from the Environmental Working Group).

I’ve been purchasing these products since 2009 for my grandchildren.  I know they are healthy and safe for them to use and they love them.

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Life Extension

Life Extension offers superior quality dietary supplements and has been a pioneer in funding and reporting the latest anti-aging research.  They were rated #1 in numerous categories, in previous years and again in 2013, in the ‘Consumer Lab’ survey.  I have personally researched hundreds of suppliers of vitamins and supplements and by far, my number one choice is Life Extension.

The unique, pure and high quality ingredients found in their products are often years ahead of the products sold by most commercial vitamin companies.  Their scientists analyze thousands of scientific studies every week to ensure they’re providing the most up to date health-promoting products available.

Life Extension magazine is their monthly publication and is free to members.  I LOVE this magazine!  They are the first to report new discoveries about nutrition, hormones and anti-aging supplements.

There are many diseases that threaten us such as cancer and diabetes, and Life Extension magazine delivers potentially life-saving information you won’t find in most publications.  Please check out this amazing magazine and the health-promoting products by Life Extension…you won’t be disappointed!

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Life Extension - Health And Medical Findings